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Capital Build Projects

Capital Build Projects

Working with local councils and design teams, MPA can help engage young people in creative consultation activities. In Nelson in August 2010, young people worked with MPA to plan a youth-led creative consultation with local people about a new build project in the Bradley area of the town. Similarly MPA are involved with a school in Fleetwood exploring alongside creative practitioners, how to better share information and elicit opinions from staff, children and the community as the school undergoes major capital rebuilding work.


for children:

  • Self esteem developed when their opinions are voiced and heard
  • Communication skills in asking questions of adults both in school and in the wider community
  • Observation and recording skills as children assess the use of spaces
  • Empathy by considering the needs of other users of the space
  • Raise aspirations about how their spaces can be

for teachers:

  • a framework against which to assess local spaces
  • a methodology for drawing out the opinions of children
  • increased confidence that changes will be effective
  • better ownership of the development process and their new spaces

For further details please email or call Stephanie Hawke on (01282) 421986 ext: 203