Creating a WOW Week


Project Information

Partners at Walton-le-Dale: More Music, Curious Minds

Partners at Springhill Primary: Function Factory Theatre

Practitioners at Walton-le-Dale: Pete Moser / Simon Harrison / Fen Fen Huang / Rick / Cathy

Practitioners at Springhill Primary: Function Factory Theatre - led by Yvonne Tennant

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Additional Information

Creating a WOW Week

Creating a WOW Week / event

Working with a local primary school 5 practitioners spent 5 days in drama, dance, music and art workshops leading to a final day of celebration with a grand procession through the school grounds in front of an enthusiastic audience of parents and friends. Over 300 children took part. Based on the theme of ‘the time machine’ they created costumes, head-dresses, movement routines, percussion based music and of course the time machine itself!

An introductory WOW event for Year 8 pupils in a secondary school themed on China was huge success for a high school in Preston. After an introduction which involved opening Chinese New Year gift envelopes for everyone pupils followed a carousel of workshops based on Chinese calligraphy, dance, percussion introduction to traditional Chinese musical instruments and a brief illustrated talk on a recent visit to Shanghai.


For pupils:

- a observable rise in engagement and motivation

- drumming & percussion skill development

- cultural awareness raised

- skill development in a variety of art skills not normally available in school

For teachers:

- cultural awareness raised

- transfer of a number of art skills not normally offered in school

- new partnerships with practitioners and cultural organisations