Inspiring Art at Helmshore


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From 01 June 2012

Until 31 July 2012

Artist: Karen Alderson

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Inspiring Art at Helmshore

No Match a Contemporary Heritage installation by Claire Morgan - image (c) Lee Pilkington

During June and July 2012 artist Karen Alderson led two groups of children in responding to the Contemporary Heritage installation No Match by Claire Morgan. Sixty Year 6 pupils from Haslingden Primary School spent two days at Helmshore Mills Textile Museum. There they toured the ‘Devil Hole’, the water wheel and other features with an expert guide, before joining Karen’s art workshops in the Mill’s learning space.

After the Helmshore visit the children enjoyed two days of workshops in their own classrooms. Those keen enough to continue formed a Tuesday after school art club, led by Karen, working on an Arts Award programme.


Children were


  • introduced to high quality contemporary art;

  • encouraged in a new way of seeing history and how it can be communicated to others;

  • introduced to new art techniques.


Teachers were


  • introduced to the nationally accredited Arts Award;

  • encourage in a new way of seeing history through an exploration of a particular contemporary art installation.


This project was support by the funding from Grants for the Arts.