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Padiham Greenway Cluster

Padiham Greenway Pageant - June 2010

Padiham Greenway Cluster

In summer 2010 ten Padiham and West Burnley schools: one Children’s Centre, one high school and 8 primaries funded a new creative programme for their pupils. The work focused on engaging their children, families and the local community with the newly created Padiham Greenway: a redundant railway line given new life as a walking and cycling route into the centre of Padiham.

Eight practitioners with skills ranging from film to ceramics, from creative writing to art worked on the Greenway itself and in the schools with over 450 pupils. They produced displays and exhibitions in each school which were viewed by parents and visitors. A multimedia exhibition of work produced from the whole programme was shown to an audience of families, pupils and friends at Shuttleworth College. The exhibition was supported by a professionally published book: ‘Greenway Awakening’ for everyone who took part.

Benefits for pupils:

  • Motivation & fun
  • Greater understanding and care for their local environment
  • Skill development in art, creative writing and ceramics
  • Development of speaking & listening skills

For teachers:

  • New strategies for creative writing in the classroom
  • Introduction to an unfamiliar part of the locality as a new resource for teaching
  • New partnerships with individual practitioners and organisations


“…children’s voices, experiences and imaginations were caught. I am really happy with the way it has gone and I think that the children have benefitted enormously… a really exciting experience that was massively beneficial and certainly enjoyed by all taking part…

Mark Dixon Headteacher, Padiham Green

“… gave the children confidence and pride in their own work which was carried forward into the day to day school work… my own creativity and confidence in relation to writing poetry and artwork was given a boost and ideas which I will take into future practice…

Michael Dearnley, class teacher Whittlefield Primary.