Urban Rivers Enhancement Scheme


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Urban Rivers Enhancement Scheme

Mid Pennine Arts are working alongside the Ribble Rivers Trust who have been awarded funds through the Heritage Lottery for their two year programme the Urban Rivers Enhancement Scheme, (URES), which is taking place in Burnley. We will be helping the URES bring creativity to their programme of works and community participation. The scheme will be centered around the Rivers Calder and Brun, that flow underground and through Burnley town centre.

These rivers were once ‘tamed’ with the creation of channels, gullies and high walls which directed the rivers flow. The rivers were then used by local industry for various purposes, as well as creating a flush mechanism for the town. The wildlife and the fish could no longer prosper and the rivers became bleak and unloved. The URES are planning to clean and naturalise these constrained, hidden rivers and see the return of migrating fish and other wildlife.

For more information please visit the Ribble Life or URES websites.  For details of the MPA organised creative engagement work taking place see the links to the right of the page.

‘The river Brun and river Calder wind their way through the town of Burnley, sometimes you see and even hear them rushing past, down water courses and under bridges. Sometimes they sparkle in the sunlight, burbling past river banks and through Parks. Other times they flow so very slowly, controlled and quiet, slipping past us without us noticing, dipping in and out of dark tunnels that lie beneath the pavements we unknowingly hurry over’.
Helen Yates

Current Events

  • Hide & Seek Rivers Exhibition
    Hide & Seek Rivers Exhibition
    Opens 12 October 2013
    An exhibition of images from the Hide & Seek Rivers photography events - 12 October 2013
  • Hide & Seek Rivers
    Hide & Seek Rivers
    The Hide & Seek Rivers photography events will form the first project of the partnership and will use creative photography to highlight the positive and the negative aspects of the rivers.