Valley of Stone - Lee Quarry


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Valley of Stone - Lee Quarry

Ferro-terrasaurus by Robin Dobson

We commissioned Metal and Mixed Media Designer Robin Dobson to produce a major piece of public artwork for Lee Quarry above Stacksteads in Rossendale.

The artwork consists of three separate but linked elements that celebrate both Rossendale’s stone quarrying heritage and the dramatic natural landscape of Lee Quarry and the surrounding area.

The first piece of the triptych, Frond, is a landmark visible from the main route out of Stacksteads. This sculpture focuses on the area’s heritage and highlights the stunning views around Lee Quarry.

The second element of the commission, Ferro-terrasaurus, is inspired by industrial machinery and skeletal detailing and provides a ‘drop off’ obstacle for trial bikers. The interactive aspect of this sculpture compliments the mountain bike trails and trial biking course that have already been developed around Lee Quarry as part of the Pennine Lancashire Adrenaline Gateway. Ferro-terrasaurus was produced in consultation with World Class Trials Biker Alastair Clarkson.

The final part of the commission, entitled Echofly, is positioned within the pool at Lee Quarry. Echofly marks the flora and fauna that can be found around Lee Quarry.